Easy VLESS config with CF Worker

Easy VLESS config with CF Worker

Configuring VLESS with CF Worker Made Easy.


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How to use this?

It's Super easy (you don't need any server). Just create a CF Worker and then copy & paste all of the worker.js file's content as the worker's configuration, then do all of these things:

  1. Generate a UUID and replace the one in the worker's configuration after you paste it (line 201).

  2. Save & Deploy.

  3. OPTIONAL: If you've got a domain on your Cloudflare, add a custom domain for your worker.

  4. Create a VLESS configuration on any V2Ray/Xray program that you use (personally, I prefer v2rayN)

  5. Set TLS as TLS and your worker's domain as the SNI.

  6. Set transport to ws.

  7. Set your worker's domain as the ws host.

  8. Set any Clean Cloudflare IP as the destination address. You may use IRCF.space engage.cloudflareclient.com as the destination address.

  9. Set 443 as port.

  10. And finally, set your own generated UUID as the configuration's UUID.

Now you're all done. Test your VLESS configuration.